Widowlings Woobies

Widowlings Woobies


Woobie Hoodie in Black Widow for all your little Woobie lovers. Fitted with a flex-fit wind stopper trim on the wrist and waist to ensure the maximum amount of heat is retained. Our Woobie Hoodies are designed to trap your body heat and are built with your comfort in mind. Durable enough to wear alone and light enough to pack for emergencies. Roll them up into the hood and transport in itself.


Woobie Hoodies are an all weather garment made from a twin layor of 100% ripstop Nylon oxford wrapped around a polyester insulated filling and then quilted.  Water repellant and suitable for most seasons.


Sizings are generous to allow for rapid deployment over garments and to keep your small people warm. 

  • Product care

    • Wash at 30*C 
    • Do not tumble dry
    • Do not store compressed or packed to mitigate damage to the thermal properties.
    • Not reccomended for tactical use. Avoid sharps, abrasive surfaces or flame.