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Updated: Jul 4, 2020

So this is it. The company on a roll finally. You know, I honestly never thought we would be here because it always seems like such an uphill battle to fight and I wasn't sure I had the strength to do this and my military career but i was certain this is was the climb I wanted my future to take.

2 years ago I started the Instagram page @JollygreenJTAC to spread the word about my job. I just hoped that one post would spark something in someone wanting something new, challenging and rewarding. Cliche I know, but its absolutely true. Id spent 4 years as a Joint Terminal Attack Controller (JTAC) and felt heavily that I was at the sunset of my careers day. I knew recruitment in this job was poor and that was mainly down to exposure but also down to the risk people took stepping away from a job they were already established in. You see, to be a JTAC in the UK Armed Forces you need to come loaded with a rank, a couple brain cells and the ability to think fast. I ticked at least one of those for sure and perhaps scraped in over the line with the other two but i knew for a fact there must have been guys and gals out there, whom were far more intelligent than I, looking for something to push them. I was right.

After having my page set up for about 4 months, I started getting messages from troops wanting to know the odd question and that grew and grew. Before i knew it, I had been directing people to other others to undertake the first phase of their JTAC career.

I started to see a trend in the messages coming through. "I've been thinking but I'm not sure" or "I wish id known" and I couldn't understand why the hesitancy if this job was so clearly want they wanted to do. It was so obvious to me.

Fast forward to Nov 2019 and there I was. Days into a deployment and in my spare time all I could think about was whether i should try to go ahead with this idea i had for a company. The "I've been thinking" demons had been whispering in my ear too! I was doubting or questioning myself. It was January when it hit me. "If the same me that wondered what on earth was holding those potential JTAC applicants back could see me now, he would shake his head in shame" I thought.

Last month, will full confidence and drive, I gave the thumbs up to the production teams to go ahead and start to produce out first and signature product. The Woobie Hoodie.


Don't ever doubt yourself. The times we face now are terrible and we must all stay positive and look-after each-other but remember this, the first punch thrown to conquer the day is in you own head. I'm excited undertake this journey and I'm even more pleased to have you with me.

A huge thank you to those who have shown me a crazy amount of love and support as this moved forward. A special thank you to Rus and Gibbo over at The Green Beret Coffee Company. Check them out on Instagram @Greenberetcoffco or visit the website at

Stay safe, stay funky and send it.

Quote of the Blog: "Start everyday as if it were on purpose!"

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